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Translation Agency Tele-Translations
Ruimtesonde 18
3824 MZ Amersfoort

Fax +31 (0) 33-456 90 33

Internet: www.tele-translations.com
E-mail: info@tele-translations.com
We understand that each document is different and specific and that is why we offer you a custom-made solution which is adapted to your specific needs and to your budget. We offer you a reasonable price based on the amount of words in your (legal) document. In case of larger documents we apply a price that is based on the amount of pages which the document contains. In both cases the source language is a base for the price calculation.

Additional supplement of 15 % (or 20 % in case of larger documents) is being charged in case of express translations (to be delivered within one or two days).

In this way you are informed in advance what the costs of a translation will be and unpleasant surprises are absolutely out of question. 

All our fees are quoted exclusive of 19 % VAT.

Should you wish to know more or should you have some questions and/or remarks, please fax (+31 33 – 456 90 33) or send us your inquiry: